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C. Hardgrove

Lord Gheritt:
J. Byford

Marcus Whitesides:
R. Kiesshauer

Jonathan Camden:
M. Turcotte

The Watcher:
D. Weeks

Virginia Dare:
C. Thompson

Dusty Franklin:
P. Watts

W. Christiansen

J. Van Beek

Written and Produced by:
C. Hardgrove

Co-Written by:
J. Byford, R. Kiesshauer, M. Turcotte, P. Watts, & D. Weeks

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Ghosts and Echoes is set in the science-fiction world of the video game Destiny. Transmissions from Golden Age artificial intelligence, Strauss, reveal the scattered histories of Lord Gheritt, Marcus Whitesides, Virginia Dare, and a host of other characters, including Strauss himself. Ghosts and Echoes is about the details of our lost Golden Age, the meaning of The Traveler, the events that led up to the Collapse, and the characters that will lead mankind to the stars once again.

Ghosts and Echoes is produced by fans of Bungie and the Destiny universe and is in no way affiliated with Bungie Studios. Ghosts and Echoes is a production of the Guardians of Destiny, who can be heard weekly on the Guardian Radio podcast on iTunes. For feedback, comments, questions or to just get in touch with us please contact us at